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Message from the Director

  Welcome to the website of the Postgraduate Programs in Management (PPM) at the College of Management, I-Shou University. The PPM offers MBA, Professional MBA (PMBA), Executive MBA (EMBA), and PhD programs. These four programs enjoy all of the resources supported by the nine departments of the College of Management. While the PPM is an institute with a director in charge of its operations, for administrative purpose, it is often considered to be two institutes. MBA and PhD are treated as one due to the fact that they both offer only day classes whereas EMBA and PMBA as the other because they operate in evenings and weekends. That is why you find MBA and PhD sharing a webpage and EMBA and PMBA on another. Inevitably some of the materials presented on the two websites are the same.

  I am sure we offer one of the best graduate programs in management in Taiwan.

  First, the high quality of our faculty. All of our faculty members earned a doctoral degree from a decent university. Their education backgrounds represent Taiwan, the U.S., the U.K., Japan, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Poland, etc., bringing diverse perspectives to PPM.

  Second, the high teacher-student ratio. Students have the luxury of considering the long list of the 70 plus scholars and choose one as thesis supervisor.

  Third, the family-like atmosphere. I-Shou University encourages high quality interactions between students and teachers. You will feel a cohesive climate at the PPM. Last but not least, the beautiful hilly campus. Situated at a scenic area in a suburb of Kaohsiung, the campus is a place for learning, meditation, and a reasonable social life.

   If you are interested in a visit to our campus, we will be happy to provide you a guided tour. You are also welcome to sit in a classroom to experience the interactive learning atmosphere here at the PPM.

Postgraduate Programs in Management
T.K. Peng, Director